LETTER: In response to rainbow crosswalk controversy

Cord LaFond
By Cord LaFond
June 14th, 2014

Open message to our LGBT community – I feel compelled to speak on behalf of what I believe is a substantial segment of our community. We just don’t know what to say so mostly we stay silent; so shame on us. We are ‘straight’ (whatever that means) and we just don’t get it. We are biased by negative experience with LGBTs who have represented you poorly and we are ashamed of those who have represented us poorly. We cannot imagine being attracted to someone of the same gender as I am sure that you don’t really understand all of our position either.

Despite our differences and lack of understanding, I have no stones to throw, nor jeers or insults. I am happy to share a crosswalk or sidewalk with you. I enjoy the colours. My Holy Book says a lot of things about you and some of them I don’t understand, but some of them I do. You are my neighbor whom I am to love as myself. I owe you the same respect and compassion that I owe to every human being – even those who will chastise me for this writing. The bottom line is this, as it is for all who read this – God loves you and he asked me to tell you. Then He told me to go and do likewise.

Cord LaFond


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