BC fugitive program catches more people with outstanding warrants

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April 7th, 2014

Two more individuals are being transported out of province by the B.C. Fugitive Return Program, to be held accountable for outstanding warrants, making a total of five fugitive returns within the last two weeks.

David Patrick Lupul was wanted by Toronto Police Service for Failing to Comply with a Recognizance. He stands accused of Assault with a Weapon and Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose. The warrant was issued in September of 2013 and Lupul first came to the attention of B.C. police in October. On March 26, the Toronto warrant was extended to British Columbia, on the basis that the B.C. Fugitive Return Program would fund the return.

Trail RCMP arrested Lupul on March 27 and transported him back to Toronto on April 1. Lupul’s return was funded and facilitated by the B.C. Fugitive Return Program (BCFRP), in cooperation with the Trail RCMP and Toronto Police Service. The escort was carried out by B.C. Sheriff Services, a key partner of the BCFRP.

Justin Tyler Mackay was wanted by Medicine Hat Police Service for Sexual Assault, Breach of Recognizance and Fail to Appear in Court. On March 26, he came to the attention of the B.C. Fugitive Return Program, who liaised with Medicine Hat PS to have the warrants extended to British Columbia. On April 1, Mackay was arrested by Kelowna RCMP and remanded in custody, for transport back to Alberta in the next few days. This is at no cost to the B.C. Fugitive Return Program. Alberta Sheriff Services will conduct the transport.

The B.C. Fugitive Return Program is a program managed by the RCMP and a joint management team consisting of the Vancouver Police Department and the RCMP. This program is funded by the Civil Forfeiture Office and Court Services Branch’s B.C. Sheriff Services. On Feb. 15, the B.C. government, the RCMP, all B.C. municipal police agencies, and B.C. Sheriff Services signed a Memorandum of Understanding, which led to the establishment of a protocol governing the program.

Since September 2011, the B.C. Provincial Fugitive Return Program has facilitated the return of 64 individuals from various regions in B.C. wanted by other provinces across Canada. The program was created to hold individuals, currently residing in British Columbia with out of province arrest warrants, accountable for their actions. It is hoped that, by facilitating the return of these individuals to deal with their outstanding matters, some measure of resolution will be brought to their victims. It will also help send a message to criminals that they cannot evade justice simply by leaving one province to go to another.

For more information about the arrest of David Lupul, please contact Cpl Dave Johnson of the Trail RCMP at 250-364-2566.

For more information about the arrest of Justin Mackay, please contact Cst. Kris Clark of the Kelowna RCMP at 250-470-6361.

For more information about the B.C. Fugitive Return Program, please contact Cpl. Trish Robinson at 778-290-3853.

For more information about B.C. Sheriff Services, please contact Courtney Carne at 250-356-6423. 


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