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April 1st, 2014

Spragett Bridge and Tubing Parking Lot

Tree clearing in preparation for the Spragett Bridge Tubing Parking Lot will begin on Tuesday March 25th.

The Spragett Bridge parking lot is in keeping with the Sustainable Community Plan and Council’s vision to develop a variety of linked recreational opportunities to the community and visitor’s.

There are many residents and visitor’s who access the Kettle River from this bridge, which does not currently have any dedicated parking or off street access. Council has directed staff to create safe off-street parking within this right-of-way complete with a pathway leading down to the river. Signage will eventually be added to provide time lines and distances to the next entry/exit point along the river.

Street Sweeping

Our annual Spring Sweeping Program is scheduled to begin in late March and continue through to April cleaning up winter sand, dirt, and leaves accumulated on roadways, sidewalks, and boulevards. Regular removal of debris is necessary to prevent storm water drains from clogging, keeps our roads safe, protects the environment and improves the appearance of the City of Grand Forks. Sweeping will begin in the downtown core, and progress to arterial roads and residential streets.

To help us provide the best service possible, residents are reminded to:

  • • Keep vehicles off residential streets to allow the sweeper to do a proper job,
  • • Place garbage containers and recycling away from the road on collections days,
  • • Keep basketball and hockey nets off the road and far enough back from the curb,
  • • Be understanding while street sweeping is underway, there may be some noise and dust,
  • • Be patient. Cold and rainy weather prevents our sweeper from operating.

The City of Grand Forks appreciates the co-operation from the residents and businesses.

Water Main Flushing

The Water Utility Department advises residents that we will be flushing water mains throughout the City during the months of April and May. Regular annual flushing is an important component of a comprehensive water management program. Flushing water mains are done as part of a scheduled preventative maintenance program to remove sediment that gradually deposits in the pipes and helps maintain water quality in our system.

Flushing will take place between the hours of 5:00am and 3:30pm.

As we flush your area, you may experience a temporary reduction in water pressure and/or discoloration of the water. These conditions are normal during flushing activities and are only temporary. Please check your drinking, cooking, and laundry water before using. To clear your water lines, simply turn on your cold water tap or outside hose bib and let it run until the water is clear (approx 15 min. or more)

Utility crews continue their water main flushing program to ensure the distribution system is refreshed and healthy.

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