McDonalds possibly coming to GF

Shara JJ Cooper
By Shara JJ Cooper
February 28th, 2014

Grand Forks’ social media groups have been abuzz with talk about a McDonalds franchise possibly coming to town.

According to city staff, this could happen, but the process is still in the early stages.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Doug Allin said a developer is making an application for a development permit. The City has given the developer a list of criteria they have to meet and when that is completed, they will come before Grand Forks’ city council to get approval for the permit.

The process is the same for any business that wants to get a development permit in Grand Forks. 

Les Johnson from Grand Forks TV (GFTV) asked city council the same question at their committee of the whole meeting Feb. 24 and was told by both Allin and Mayor Brian Taylor that they have applied for a permit but have not come before council for approval yet.

Once the developer is scheduled to appear before council, they will appear on the agenda, which is released on the City’s website before the council meeting.


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