Santa's sleigh passes pre-flight inspection

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December 24th, 2013

Santa Claus and his sleigh have successfully passed the pre-flight inspection process and have been cleared for take-off. All of his paperwork has been approved, his cargo has been checked, loaded and balanced, and his flight plan has been filed. He and his trusty team of reindeer are expected to leave the North Pole on time with a huge pile of toys on board.

Like all pilots, Santa must undergo an annual physical in order to keep his license. We are pleased to report that he passed with flying colours. Despite his famously sweet tooth, he is in surprisingly good shape, he logs five kilometres a day snowshoeing and has a kale-and-goji-berry smoothie every morning for breakfast.

Quick Facts

  • Santa consistently impresses his pilot friends with his uncanny ability for safe take-offs and landings in urban centres and flying in whiteout conditions.
  • Santa always makes sure to get enough rest before flying.
  • Santa’s pre-flight checklist includes looking for ice build-ups, checking Rudolph’s nose, and ensuring that the elves on board are informed about safety procedures.


“It’s lovely to live in Canada with all of our well-behaved children and our country’s continued commitment to aviation safety. Knowing that Canada has one of the best aviation safety records in the world and that Transport Canada is looking out for my dear husband means I have one less thing to worry about on such a busy day”
Mrs. Claus

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— submitted by Transport Canada

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