Mr. and Mrs. Claus get landmark e-passports

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December 24th, 2013

 Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander today presented Santa and Mrs. Claus with the 2,999,999th and 3,000,000th ePassports at a special ceremony in Vaughan, Ontario.

Santa and Mrs. Claus live in North Pole, Canada, with their many helpers. Like so many Canadian citizens who enjoy extensive travel around the world, the Claus’ were thrilled to receive their ePassports — which are among the world’s most accepted and secure travel documents.

With his ePassport in hand, Santa’s pre-flight checklist is nearly complete. It will help ensure his present-delivery operations proceed without a hitch. He and Mrs. Claus are also reportedly planning a well-earned vacation in the near future. Santa also noted with much pleasure that the passage of the Canada Europe Trade Agreement will mean that toys produced in the North Pole will soon enter the European Union tariff-free.

Whether for work or pleasure, Canada’s ePassport allows for more convenient travel for all Canadians travelling this Christmas season.

Quick Facts

  • The ePassport is considered the gold standard of travel documents and is used by elves and humans worldwide.
  • Santa Claus keeps his ePassport protected by storing it in a compartment in his belt, keeping it safe from ashes, soot and snow.
  • During the holiday season, Canadians enjoy spending time with the ones they love. The ePassport allows for convenient travelling when visiting family and friends abroad.
  • Santa Claus confirms that Minister Alexander is on the “nice” list this year.


“Whether you are travelling by car, by boat, or with a team of flying reindeer, Canada’s ePassport is the most convenient and safe way to go.”
Chris Alexander, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister

“After a long and joyous night of delivering Christmas gifts, Mrs. Claus and I are looking forward to our hassle-free vacation in Florida! Ho! Ho! Ho!”
Santa Claus, Chief Elf and Founding Operator of Santa’s Workshop in the North Pole

— submitted by the Government of Canada

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