Bruins lost a tough battle against the Leafs, Nov. 23

Graeme Willson
By Graeme Willson
December 2nd, 2013

Nov. 23rd’s hockey game between the Grand Fork’s Border Bruins and the Nelson Leafs filled the stands with cheering fans to watch a game full of power plays and energy.

Despite the Bruins making methodical plays the Leafs kept fighting back, finishing with a 6-3 win over the Bruins.

The audience didn’t have to wait long to see action. Forty-two seconds into the first period, the Bruins’ Ravinder Shokar was given two minutes in the penalty box for interference. 

The first goal of the games was scored minutes later in a beautifully executed power play. The Leafs Aaron Dunlap scored the first goal of the game at 18:19 on the clock. Dunlop received assists from Blair Andrews and Brandon Sookro.

The energy of the first period started in overdrive from the players right from when the puck was first dropped into play. The excitement overflowed into the stands and where the spectators cheers were easily heard by the players. 

The Bruins second goal seemed to come out of nowhere with a mini power play materializing in-front of the Leafs net when the buzzer rang as the puck connected to the the Leafs goal. The goal was shot by by Shokar with an assist from Cam Mcllenani. Tyler Relelato assisted in a stretch pass.

The rest of the first period was filled with the teams jockeying for control for the puck and six more penalties were given. Shokar got one fro two minutes for boarding, the Leaf’s Patrick Croome got a two minute penalty for interference, the third was given to the Leaf’s Linden Horswill for holding. Then two penalties were given to the Horswill (interference) and the Leaf’s Cole Arcuri (slashing). With seconds left in the period, Shokar is given another penalty for having two many men on the ice. 

In the first period, the Bruins made 13 attempts and two goals. The Leafs made 13 shots with one goal. 

It was clear when the second period started that the energy in the players had not subdued. Power plays would rise and fold almost in an instand as both teams’ players were  were playing with all their potential. They were spearheading and cutting short all goal attempts made by opposing players. 

The players received four penatlies in the second period. All penalties were for two minutes. The Bruins’ newest player — Max Newtown — was given a penalty for holding, and the Leaf’s Carson Willians was sent to the box for rooking. Willians later recieved another penalty for interference and the Bruins’ Cam McClellan was given a penalty for interference near the end of the period.

During the second period, both teams had made 14 attempts at the net with no goals. 

Both teams managed to keep their energy up as the third period started despite playing the first two periods with intensity they still jumped around like Mexican jumping beans. 

Both teams were skaing in such a synchronized order it was as if both team captains had come up with the same game plan for the third period. 

The first goal of the third period happend when the clock read 18:12. The Leaf’s Aaron Dunlop took a shop and made his team’s second goal of the game with no assists. It was his 10th goal of the season. 

The puck drops again and seconds latter the refs whistle sounds and Shokar was given a penatly for roughing. 

Again the puck dropped and again a penalty was called, this time for the Leaf’s Willans for unsportsmanlike conduct. The clock read 17:27. 

The attempted power plays finally came to fruition when the Leaf’s Croome scored the third goal for this team with an assist from Blair Andrews and Arcuri. There was 14:30 minutes left in the period. 

The Leafs seemed to be on a much sought after role scoring their forth goal only seconds later with the clock at 14:08. Austin Tambellini made the goal (his eighth of the season) with an assist from Andrews.

After the puck dropped again there seemed to be a momentary lapse in energy from both teams as the plays wound down. 

That changed when the clock reached 12:06. The Bruins’ Mitchell Peterson scored a third goal for his team with assists from Lincoln Lane and Franco Colapaolo. It was his second goal of the season. 

Two more penalties were given to the Leafs’ Jamie Vlancih and Bruins’ Dakota Kittle sent to the box for crosschecking. 

Both teams’ energy had been replenished and were carrying out plays stronger than ever. The Leaf’s Willans scored the fifth goal (also his fifth of the season) with an assit from Alec Wilkinson. 

The whistled sounded again and two more penalties were given with the Bruins’ Reid Robertson heading to the box for roughing.

Immediately following the next play, a double penalty was called against the Bruins’ John Skeet. Shokar receiving two penalties one for two minutes and the second for unsportsmanlike conduct, which gave him an additional 10 minutes in the box, ending his time on the ice for this game.

With 2:13 left on the clock and the Bruins one man short the Leafs scored a sixth goal by Willans, his second goal of this game and 13th of the season. Assists were made by Wilkinson and Horswill.

Time ran out on the clock with the no more goals and a final score of 6-3. 

“Murphy’s law always seems to show itself,” said Bruins’ coach Kevin Flather. “That being said, my guys have been through a tough stretch and still executed this game beautifully. I feel no sense of urgency — the guys just got to suck it up, and get packed up for tomorrows (Nov. 24) away game in Spokane.”

Sundays game in Spokane was also a fiery, energized night just like Saturdays was and Bruins won 5 to 2 against Spokane.

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