COMMENT: MLA reminds everyone to stay safe this summer

Linda Larson
By Linda Larson
August 6th, 2013

I am sure some of you are wondering why you haven’t seen much of me since the election. With the recall of the Legislature to work through the budget, I have been in Victoria for the past six weeks getting a ‘crash course’ on the internal workings of the Government of British Columbia.

I am sure the press gallery has had a chuckle or two as the new MLAs (myself included!) struggled to find our way around the historic Legislative buildings. We have been a bit overwhelmed by the responsibility now resting on our shoulders, but we are learning quickly and determined to work hard for our constituents.

The challenge for all of us is to accomplish positive change within the confines of the fiscally-responsible budget that the people of B.C. supported on May 14th.

I am eager to get back into the beautiful Boundary-Similkameen riding and engage as many of you as possible, giving me the information I need to address your concerns. I am looking for at least three volunteers in every community to meet with me quarterly, to discuss your local issues and keep me connected to your concerns first-hand. Please contact my office at Linda.Larson.MLA@leg.bc.ca if you are willing to participate in these discussions!

One final note—in light of recent drowning incidents, please take safety precautions when engaging in water sports and other outdoor activities. Wildfire danger is another concern, so be mindful to put your campfires out properly. Have a happy, safe summer everyone!

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