7th annual fly fishing drift is just around the corner

Shara JJ Cooper
By Shara JJ Cooper
July 4th, 2013

The dog days of summer are here and so is the 7th annual Pontoon Boat – Fly Fish Drift. The drift is held on July 12 to 15 and is hosted by Bud Alcock with the Victorian Motel and RV Park.

Participants will spend the days fly fishing on single person pontoons as they drift along both the Granby and Kettle Rivers within 16 km (10 miles) of Grand Forks.

“We sit and row and stop at the various fishing holes,” said Alcock. “Most of us catch and release because we want to practice sustainable fishery.”

Each morning the fishermen will meet at the motel and a flatbed truck will take them – and their pontoons — to the various fishing spots, which will be announced at a later date.

On Saturday evening, participants will celebrate with a potluck supper at the motel and on Sunday morning there will be a pancake breakfast.

Anyone can participate in the event. All they need is a fishing license – for individuals over 16 – and a potluck dish for Sunday’s dinner. Everyone has to bring their own fishing gear and it is strongly recommended they use a PFD and bring standard boat safety equipment like rope, a whistle, flare and spare oar.

At the event there is a draw for various prizes. Alcock asks local businesses to make a donation but also encourages participants to bring a prize item for the draw. In the past they have had everything from fly rods and coolers to potholders and quilted fly socks. Each fisherman gets a ticket when he registers, which is used for the draw.

Alcock started the first even seven years ago because there was a lack of fly fishing events in the area despite a demand. He started out organizing it from his home with campers setting up in his own backyard before partnering with the motel. The first year had seven participants but now there are around 30 families, who often travel quite a distance to take part.

For more information, or to register for the event, contact Alcock at 250-443-4446 or motel staff at 250-442-3011.

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