Boundary Pathfinders fundraising for 2014 trip to Mexico

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May 21st, 2013

Three Pathfinders from Midway and two from Grand Forks have a unique opportunity in July 2014, to travel with three Pathfinders from Vancouver, to a World Association of Girl Guides and Girls Scouts World Centre in central Mexico. Midway Guiders Elaine Fromme and Sue Fielding will be accompanying them.

For ten days the Pathfinders will be living with girls who are members of Guiding from around the world, and working with them as a team on service projects for the local Mexican people. An element of this team building will also include camping within the grounds of Our Cabana. New global friendships will be a part of this exclusive experience, where they will be able to discover and share in customs and traditions of every day life in different societies across borders and oceans. The Pathfinders will learn first hand what binds girls in Guiding throughout the world, and give them an understanding of how they may live in different environments but still have many day to day challenges which are similar. The itinerary will take the girls on visits to experience the background of Mexican culture, traditions and history.

Each girl has to raise $2500 by May 2014 to cover the cost of travel and accommodation, this is a huge task. The girls will be selling hand made crafts all summer and at Rock Creek Fall Fair. The Spot have kindly offered space for car washes throughout the summer and will also have bundles of firewood on sale, which are tied by the girls. A community bottle drive and silent auction are also planned for later in the year. Extra cookies will be on sale in the Fall. The girls can do yard/lawn work; dog walking; baby sitting; window cleaning; leaf/snow clearance. To take advantage of these services please call Elaine Fromme 250 449 2309 or Sue Fielding 250 445 9955 for Midway and Greenwood and Erin Stavenjord 250 442 5926 in Grand Forks for availability.

This is a trip of a lifetime and we hope everyone will support the girls in their efforts to raise the money, so they are able to travel to Mexico and enjoy this experience.

GGC Kootenay Area will be presenting 14 Pathfinders with the Canada Cord on June 1st. This is the top award for girls in Guiding at this age level. Two of the girls are from Midway and one from Grand Forks.

Call 250.442.5292 or 250.442.5054 to help with fundraising by buying a box of Girl Guide cookies. 

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