SIBAC releases video to promote rural BC

Shara JJ Cooper
By Shara JJ Cooper
May 9th, 2013

A new YouTube video has been released. This one is not about funny dogs or hit music, it’s about helping rural BC communities thrive.

The video was created by the Southern Interior Beetle Action Coalition (SIBAC) with SIBAC chair Rhona Martin, vice-chair Grace McGregor and Neskonlith Chief Judy Wilson sharing the message.

“We are sending it to everyone,” said McGregor, noting everyone includes different levels of provincial government, opposing political parties and the general public.

The general message is that every community in rural BC has been affected by the pine beetle and its impact on sustainable forestry.

“We’ve come together to try and convince the government that rural BC is struggling, and has been struggling, for a long period of time,” said Martin in the video. “And we need some commitment from the government to assist us in making our communities prosper once again.”

The SIBAC believes that rural BC communities should support each other to make changes like training in trades.

“We really think this is an important thing for government to look at,” said McGregor.



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