LETTER: Support for Popoff from Sask.

By Contributor
May 7th, 2013


I live in Saskatchewan, but have followed Mischa Popoff’s continuing stand for conservative principles for several years now. Although the hordes of socialist ideologues have assaulted him incessantly, this man will not back down for what sound thinkers believe to be right and sensible.

In our present state of dismay and despair, this country needs more people like Mischa Popoff who are willing to stand up and fight for what is right in the face of the overgrowth of moral relativism that infests out society. Mischa is a clear thinking, bold speaking man of integrity. He will not flinch when it comes to articulating the truth about what ails our present political system that has come to promote slick-talking chameleons who are only interested in their own well-being at the expense of those who they manage to successfully dupe into believing their lying platitudes.

I only wish that I lived in Mischa’s riding so that I could vote for him.

Josiah Rise

Medstead, SK


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