Saddle store relocates to Greenwood

Shara JJ Cooper
By Shara JJ Cooper
May 3rd, 2013

Greenwood residents won’t have to go far to get their leather-work done. Ingram Creek Saddlery is moving from rural Midway to the main strip in Greenwood.

“We will be right between the bank and the liquor store,” said Bob Bugeaud, who owns the store with his wife Margaret Ann.

The saddle store has been in business for about five years in Midway, but they have always worked out of their farm, which is located 9 km West of Highway 3.

The move came after they decided to sell their farm and relocate to a new property. Their store was also bursting at the seams and they wanted a bigger location that would attract more customers.

“We just ran out of room. And we have put our farm up for sale,” said Bugeaud, adding the new spot is ideal for catching the attention of travellers. “Now people will be going 50 kms an hour instead of 100 when they drive past.”

The new store is 167.2 square metres (1,800 sq. ft) but even though it is bigger than their last location, it will still be packed with merchandise.

The saddle shop makes their own leather goods including saddles, bridles, halters, chaps and leather boots. They also repair leather goods and sell new and used wares. Some of the brands they carry are Wrangler and Roper. As if that isn’t enough, they are also adding animal feed to their list of goods.

“We probably should have got a bigger spot,” laughed Bugeaud.

The couple got into the business when Margaret Ann expressed her life-long desire to build her own saddle. Bugeaud encouraged her follow her dream, which led to them both learning the craft. Since then, they have taken numerous courses to enhance their skills.

“You can’t learn cobbler repairs around here,” said Bugeaud. “I’ve been to three places in the United States to learn how to make boots and work with leather.”

They work with any kind of tack – English or Western – but Bugeaud says Western is more fun.

“You can see what you’ve done when you are working on a Western saddle. They are brighter.”

The store is open at its new location Wednesday, May 9.

“We wanted to be open for Mother’s Day,” said Bugeaud.

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