Bike to vote comes to Grand Forks

By Contributor
May 3rd, 2013

This May 14th two Grand Forks businesses along with the Grand Forks Community Trails Society  and the Grand Forks Cycling Club are partnering to encourage Grand Forks voters to bike to vote.

Strida Canada West, Chain Reaction Ride and Slide, Grand Forks Cycling Club and the Grand Forks Community Trails Society are hoping Grand Forks voters will join other votes across B.C. to bike to vote this May 14th. Bike security will be offered by these business and groups to make biking to vote easier. Bike to vote is an initiative of the B.C. Biking Coalition to encourage people to consider commuting with their bicycle.

“Bike to Vote is a positive and direct way to put your values into action, to show politicians what you care about and to create a better future for BC.
Through the simple act of pedaling to the polls, you will actively decrease traffic congestion, make streets & neighborhoods safer, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save time & money and improve your health & wellbeing. What better way is there to embody the value and benefits that sustainable transportation can bring to BC?

Join British Columbians from all across the province in celebrating your freedom to move and exercising your right to choose. Sign our pledge, join the conversation, share your pictures & stories and Bike to Vote on May 14th!” 

Bike security will be available while the polls are open 8am to 8pm at the Gospel chapel.   

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