LETTER: Liberals cannot be trusted -- time for a change

By Contributor
April 27th, 2013

Dear Editor:

The BC Liberals under Christy Clark cannot be trusted.

BC Liberals said they would not sell BC Rail, then did anyway.

People were shocked when this government admitted it was paying the entire $6 million legal bills for Basi and Virk when they admitted they were
guilty, a complete contradiction of government policy.

Because of the BC Liberals, BC Hydro is going to lose $290 million this
year, due to paying higher rates for the electricity we are not using,
that’s free enterprise.

BC’s recent budget is not credible.  In 2012 to 13 total BC revenue is expected to be $43.1 billion. That’s an annual growth of 3.1 per cent, but the 2nd quarterly report for 2012 to 13 showed that revenue increase by only 1.9 per cent from the previous year.  In the current budget government assumed revenue would increase to $44.6 billion.  If revenue continues to grow at 1.9%, revenue for 2013 to 14 will suffer a $1.1 billion shortfall. 

The auditor general, John Doyle, recently released a scathing report on the
governments “carbon offset” program, forcing schools and hospitals to pay
more for private-sector “carbon credits”.

Under BC Liberals we have had four consecutive deficits in a row. So much for red ink they pledged to “outlaw” forever.

BC Liberals cannot be trusted.  After 12 years of BC Liberal mismanagement, it is time for a change.

Gladys Brown


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