Greenwood to get new stop sign and other council news

Shara JJ Cooper
By Shara JJ Cooper
April 26th, 2013

Greenwood is getting a new stop sign after concerned residents approached council. The stop sign will go up on Church Avenue.

Drivers were having problems navigating the intersection during the snowy months and city crew agreed that a stop sign would help when they are ploughing up the hill, said Mayor Nipper Kettle.
This is the second stop sign in Greenwood – a city that has policy to limit stop signs. The other stop sign is at North Kimberly Avenue where it meets Wood Street. 

City continues shelter discussion

Greenwood city councillors heard a delegation from Bill Billups at their regular council meeting April 21. Billups is from the Canadian Wood Council. He presented several band shell options to councillors. Some included a multi-purpose centre that would have washrooms and a concession.

Greenwood council is planning on taking down the gazebo in city park and would like to erect a new shelter for park users. However, they are still gathering information and no motion was made at the meeting.


A grant-in-aid policy was discussed during the April 21st meeting. Grants-in-aid-policy would help the City of Greenwood determine how community groups are funded by the city. The city would like to develop a new policy but needs to do more research.

“As this info was new and we need to gather more info so we can make a decision that supports the community without prejudice this was deferred until we can make an informed decision,” said Kettle.

New guidelines will be addressed at their May 27th meeting.


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