Kids exercise their noggins using "Brain Gym"

Shara JJ Cooper
By Shara JJ Cooper
April 15th, 2013

Gayle Buchner taught Brain Gym activities to children aged zero to five-years-old, April 9 at the Boundary Child Care and Resource Referral Centre (BCCRR).  

While the class was held for young participants “it works for everyone,” said Buchner. She also said that she’s has helped people of all ages and frequently uses Brain Gym on individuals with special needs like autism.

Brain Gym is a trademarked program used to enhance an individual’s capacity for learning and retention. Buchner showed the parents different activities to help calm children and to get them prepared for learning a new skill or task.

Buchner encouraged participants, and their parents, to boost brain activity with activities like rubbing below the collar bone with the thumb and forefinger while holding a hand on the stomach. She encouraged everyone to try it with both hands. This activity is designed to increase oxygen flow to the body and brain.

As with most aspects of health and wellness, Buchner encouraged everyone to drink plenty of water to keep their brains healthy.

Other activities included rubbing a figure eight on each other’s back, walking in a figure eight and practicing moving the limbs in different directions.

Buchner held two courses at the BCCRR last week; one in the morning and another in the evening. The Winlaw-based instructor has been involved with Brain Gym since 1988 and is available for individual consultation or instruction. She is also happy to give special courses – like a one-day seminar – to groups. Buchner can be reached at 250-226-7655. 

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