Efforts Underway to Craft a Centre for the Arts in Midway

Les Johnson
By Les Johnson
April 2nd, 2013

At a recent Midway council meeting a proposal was made to use the old school building as an Arts Centre.

They heard from one of the newer residents in Greenwood, Corlyn Cierman. Ms. Cierman perceives a lack of a central location to help promote and showcase the arts community local to the west end of the Boundary and is determined to do something about that.

Even though she is located in Greenwood she feels Midway would be the best location to serve artists from Bridesville to Greenwood. Her take on Grand Forks is that it’s too far for many to go for arts meetings.

According to Ms. Cierman, council has apparently agreed to the concept of using of the old school building at 6th and Haynes as an Arts Centre. That is provided it can be restored up to serviceability for the application and a nonprofit society can be created for the purpose. Ms. Cierman has drafted a survey of sorts to solicit the ideas and opinions of people in the area that will be served by this centre (and the society). She’s asking for input, pro or con, so that the efforts can address the actual ideas and inclinations of the community and not just someone’s personal take on what those might be.

You can download the survey from here (the attachment at the end of the article) and, after filling it out, drop it off at the Tomorrow’s Treasures in Greenwood, the Midway Town Office, or Rags, Relics & Rutabags in Rock Creek. Or contact Corlyn via email at cierman@hotmail.com or by phone at 250-445-6335.