Busy Saturday Afternoon for Fire Department

Les Johnson
By Les Johnson
March 31st, 2013

This Saturday was a busy one for the Grand Forks Fire Rescue service.

While many people were enjoying their Easter long weekend they were busy helping to control stubble fires that were in danger of becoming out of control and threatening infrastructure and homes.

At one point they had to respond to 2 separate incidents at opposite ends of the valley. One was on Hillview Road and the other on Gilpin Road. Then, just after they were done with those, they were called to tend to another incident on Almond Gardens Road. This last fire took place above the buried gas pipeline that runs through the valley.

If you are thinking of using fire to cut back the stubble on your property remember to check the wind conditions, have water and hoses at hand and never turn your back on the fire or assume it is behaving as you expect it to. The price of inattention might be more than you can afford, or want, to pay.

This day capped a very busy week for the Grand Forks Fire Department.

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