Awards recognize the efforts and achievements of Boundary women

By Contributor
March 17th, 2013

Editor’s note: This article has been updated. 

Historically, the Boundary Women’s Coalition has celebrated International Women’s Day in Grand Forks.  In 2012, at the suggestion of women living in the West Boundary, International Women’s Day was celebrated at the Midway Community Hall.  This year, the event was held at the Christina Lake Community Hall with more than 60 people in attendance.

Once again, the Grand Forks Credit Union made a significant donation to this event as did Brenda LaCroix.  The Boundary Women’s Coalition greatly appreciates this financial support and extends a sincere thank you.

Each year on March 8, the Boundary Women’s Coalition hosts the Outstanding Women of the Boundary Awards Event.  This event provides an opportunity for members of the community to honour Boundary Area women who have made a significant contribution in the areas of Healthy Role Model, Outstanding Woman in Business, Community Leader, Inspiring Senior, Inspiring Friend and Inspiring Youth.  In 2014, a new category – Woman of Distinction – will be added. 

The women honoured are recognized for their everyday efforts that contribute to a healthy quality of life for their friends, family and associates in the Boundary.  These women are the spark for the rest of us to be the best that we can be.


This year, 13 women were celebrated.  They are:

  • Healthy Role Model: Susan Harrison
  • Outstanding Woman in Business: Lisa Smith
  • Community Leader: Leah Carnahan, Michele Caskey, Jean Daniels, Judy Foster, Lisa Smith, Willy Triveri
  • Inspiring Senior: Olga Strukoff, Ollie Walker
  • Inspiring Friend: Lori Lum, Colleen Salikin, Lisa Smith, Alisun Webster
  • Inspiring Youth: no nominations

These women’s stories and their acceptance comments at the event are a testament to the significance of relationships in making things happen, in enriching lives and in strengthening our communities. The Boundary Women’s Coalition is thankful to these women for their contributions and is more than pleased to provide an opportunity for the community to recognize their significant impact.

International Women’s Day 2014 will be celebrated Saturday, March 8 in Grand Forks.