Build a house for the Boundary’s bats this Sunday

By Contributor
March 7th, 2013

The Boundary Woodworkers Guild is joining forces with the Boundary Habitat Stewards and the City of Grand Forks to increase awareness around bats and to provide summerhouses for our local bats.

There are many misconceptions around bats that negatively label them as pests, but these creatures are one of the most magical creatures in the world. Their many unique characteristics include the use of echolocation for hunting, being true hibernators, and are the only mammal that has the ability of flight. Most bats will have only one pup they raise each year. These beneficial friends are great for pest control with the average bat eating up to half their weight in mosquitos each night!

You can help these creatures by protecting wildlife trees and avoiding filling or draining of wetlands and not disturbing them during roosting or hibernating. You could also provide a bat house in your yard for your very own natural mosquito control.

A big thanks goes out to all supporting this project. The City of Grand Forks and a number of private property owners for becoming stewards of their own bat houses, to TELUS for donating poles, and the Boundary

Woodworkers Guild for all their research and help in getting some bat houses built!  The Boundary Habitat Stewards is a partnership helping to promote stewardship in the Boundary and includes the Granby Wilderness Society, Christina Lake Stewardship Society, Boundary Invasive Species Society, Grand Forks Wildlife Association, and Habitat Biologist from the Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

The Boundary Habitat Stewards and the Woodworkers Guild invites anyone interested to come by the Woodworker Guild at 8120B Donaldson Drive Sunday, March 10 starting at 1 p.m. to learn about building bat houses and becoming bat stewards.