NDP race for region's provincial seat to be decided soon

Mona Mattei
By Mona Mattei
March 5th, 2013

While nominations are not yet closed, Grand Forks mayor Brian Taylor is one of three candidates confirmed for the New Democratic Party (NDP) provincial race in the Boundary Similkameen riding.

The three nominees accepted to seek the NDP nomination for the 2013 election include Rhonda Bruce of Oliver, Sam Hancheroff of Kaleden along with Taylor.

“The time frames right now are getting pretty tight, I’m hoping that there’ll be a fairly short process to decide which of the three will represent the Boundary,” said Taylor.

Taylor feels that the timing for this switch for him to provincial politics from local government couldn’t be better.

“I think I’m leaving the city in a really good position,” Taylor added. “I think we’ve got a lot of things that are done, we’ve got a strong administrator… council’s doing very well as a group. Although I know I’ll be missed, in fact the city will do very well without me.”

The candidacy became available after Marji Basso suddenly resigned her position after a lengthy campaign across the riding. Basso cited personal reasons for her decision to drop out of the race leaving the NDP without a candidate in the region.

The nomination meeting to select a candidate will take place Saturday, Apr. 6 at a location to be determined, said Dave Ligertwood, president of the riding for the NDP.

The deadline for any additional candidates to seek nomination is 5 p.m. on Friday, Mar. 8. Those interested in seeking the nomination should contact Ligertwood at 778-476-3765. 

Watch the quick interview with Brian Taylor by Les Johnson of GFTV!

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