POLICE BEAT: Cops caught their robbers after a crime spree through the city

Erin Perkins
By Erin Perkins
February 1st, 2013

Grand Forks RCMP spent last week chasing down crooks and arresting robbers as the city experienced a burst of criminal activity.

Police responded to more than 10 incidents last week after people’s belongings started going missing from their sheds and vehicles. Much of the activity happened within the Valmar subdivision.

As of yesterday, Wednesday, Jan. 30, RCMP arrested a man they believe is connected to the thefts.

They found the 20-something Grand Forks man, who had recently been released from prison after serving time there for a series of thefts that happened in Grand Forks in 2011, camping inside a van parked in the carport of a Grand Forks home. He was discovered after the homeowner called the police.

RCMP believe the man had stolen food from a neighbour’s freezer too.

“He’d been living in the trailer only a few days,” said  Grand Forks RCMP staff sergeant Jim Harrison.

“We think we have our guy but we just have to link him to the crimes.”

When they found him he had weapons and drugs, which was contrary to his probation, so they arrested him for breach of probation and will continue to investigate his connection to the recent thefts.

The thefts happened between Monday, Jan. 21 and Saturday, Jan. 26.

Most of the incidents occurred overnight and were reported to police the next morning. Items stolen included a Husqvarna chainsaw from a shed on 7th Street, a leather zip-up wallet with ID and credit cards from a vehicle parked on 2nd Street,  a camouflaged-coloured range finder from a vehicle on McCallum View Drive and hand tools and a back pack stolen from one garage and then the back pack was discovered the same night at a home on Pineview where another bag was stolen as were cigarettes. Next was a folding pocket knife and post office box key that were stolen from a vehicle on 81st Avenue.

It is also possible this same man was responsible for the three-month stint of car thefts that went around the city before Christmas. At the time of the arrest, police seized items they believe are connected with those crimes, said Harrison. Now they will cross check them with the outstanding files to see if there is a match.

The man remains in police custody pending a court appearance. The investigation continues to see if this same man is connected to the recent thefts and those in late 2012.

Police looking for another suspect in connection with copper wire theft

Grand Forks RCMP are on the hunt for a man who is wanted in connection with copper wire theft to a property on Riverside Drive in Grand Forks.

The man is described as being  about five foot eight inches tall (172 cm) and weighing between 165 and 170 pounds (75 kilograms).  He was seen wearing a black hoodie and pants. At the time of the thefts he was seen fleeing on a pedal bike.

The crime in question involved the theft of copper wire found in strands of Christmas lights that had been stored in a shed on the property. The wire was then loaded into two grocery carts to be taken away. A license plate was also stolen from a parked vehicle, where copper wire was also stripped out of the engine, said Harrison. The incident was reported on Sunday, Jan. 27 but it is believed it happened on the night of Thursday, Jan. 24.

If you have any information that you think may help the police you can call the Grand Forks detachment at 250-442-8288 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Two arrested for breaking into Kootenay Car Care

A 39 year-old male and a 31 year-old female from Grand Forks were arrested after a break and enter went wrong at Kootenay Car Care on Highway 3.

The two had allegedly entered the business on the night of Wednesday, Jan. 23 through a basement door. They turned the power off to the building to try and turn the alarm off, not realizing that most alarm systems have a battery back up function. The alarm continued to sound and the two were seen fleeing the area on foot, said Harrison.

Police soon caught up with them and they were arrested. Charges are pending. They didn’t manage to steal anything from the business.

Two strikes and you’re out for breach of probation

A 52 year-old Grand Forks man was arrested for breach of probation after police gave him several opportunities to keep to his curfew.

Police arrested the man on Thursday, Jan. 24 for breach of bail. He appeared in court on Monday, Jan. 28 and was sentenced to 30 days behind bars. It was the second time the man had been found by police after his assigned curfew.

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