The true meaning of the school Christmas concert

Erin Perkins
By Erin Perkins
December 21st, 2012

I’ve covered many school Christmas concerts in my time as a reporter, but this year was something very special — it was the first Christmas concert I’ve had my own child in.

My little guy is in Kindergarten at Christina Lake Elementary School and boy was it fun to see the excitement a school concert brought to his little life. He’s been singing the show-stopping tunes for the past six weeks in preparation for the event … in the bathtub, at the breakfast table and on the way to school.

When the big night came on Tuesday, Dec. 18, I was one of THOSE parents — the one with the video camera in one hand and my large professional camera in the other (okay, a bit of overkill but hey, it’s what I do for a living!). My husband and I attended both the afternoon and evening concert, beaming proudly from the second row because we didn’t want to stick out too much. How exciting to see him trott up on stage and sing his bit with his classmates!

And now I know what the meaning of school Christmas concerts is all about — pride and awe at what our children, with the help of their amazing teachers, can do.

I’m now looking forward to spring, so we can do see it all again.