LETTER: Bruins show promise this season

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September 24th, 2012

Hockey fans you have to come to the rink!

 We have a team here folks! Congratulations to team President Dave Grootjes and the Bruins Executive. I have been waiting for this for four years. Even though we lost our first game, there is lots of talent on the ice and huge potential for this season.

Coach Deschenes has assembled a good group of players. I said to myself after the first game, give him some time to teach his team defense and the puck will not be in our end all through the game. Deschenes is starting his coaching career and you know that he is going to put all his skill and experience into making this team a winner.

It is my first impression but the talent is there folks. The Border Bruins will give us hockey fans something to talk about, and a reason to go to the rink.

First Impressions are important and here are a few from the opening rounds:

  • We have quality goaltending. We all could hear Dylan Quinn`s voice encouraging his teammates to get in the game especially after the third and fourth goal of game one. Way to go Dylan!
  • Defense: Well the puck was in our end all game, but Coach Deschenes will sort that out. He will have the team playing a system to counter act the aggressive fore-check and give our defensemen more time to get off outlet passes. My first impression of the defensemen is that #12 Nathan Cory will show us a thing or two before this season is over.
  • Offense: we have good team speed folks and my first impression tells me that #7, Brenden Lee and his line mate #8, Nathan Cory, know how to play this game.

It’s a short season and we play in a tough division. Coach Deschenes and his staff are under the gun to get the Bruins to gel as a team. Winning their second game on the road in overtime will go a long way to doing just that – Go Bruins GO!

See you at the rink.

Ray Hunt

Grand Forks

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