UPDATE: Greenwood now on Boil Water Advisory

Erin Perkins
By Erin Perkins
September 21st, 2012

UPDATE: As of today, Saturday, Sept. 22, Greenwood residents can again drink their water now Interior Health Authority has lifted the boil water advisory that took effect on Thursday, Sept. 20.

Original Story:

The Interior Health Authority has lifted the water ban in Greenwood and replaced it with a boil water advisory, today, Thursday, Sept. 20.

This water boil advisory applies to all Greenwood residents who currently use the Greenwood Water System including those within the city limits, Area E residents at the north end of Greenwood and the residents of Anaconda.

Earlier this week a City of Greenwood employee discovered the lock had been removed on a hatch to the city reservoir. Not knowing if anything had been done to the water, the city has taken all precautions and up until today had asked residents not to use any of their tap water.

After initial testing, IHA has lifted that ban and replaced it with a boil water advisory until further test results are received to determine the absence of any contaminants.

The ban will continue until further notice.

A boil water advisory means residents should boil any water they want to use for drinking or cooking. Also, before using water from the tap it is advised to let unused taps run for three minutes and for all other taps for two minutes.

The Greenwood reservoir has been drained and refilled several times in an effort to flush out the system.

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