BREAKING NEWS: Greenwood water potentially contaminated

Erin Perkins
By Erin Perkins
September 18th, 2012

Greenwood residents are being warned not to use their tap water for anything but flushing their toilets until Interior Health Authority (IHA) has ruled out a possible contamination.

Today, Monday Sept. 17, a City of Greenwood crew member discovered the lock on the access hatch to the community’s reservoir had been removed by vandals.

“He went into survey the situation and he could not see or smell anything,” said Greenwood mayor Nipper Kettle. “But at this point, with the lock gone off the door, we had to call IHA.”

Greenwood residents are advised not to drink the water, brush their teeth or even wash their dishes in the tap water. Because IHA doesn’t know what could potentially have been placed in the water, they will have a range of tests done, which could take several days, said Kettle.

Boiling the water will not make it safe. Even water in the hot water tank is potentially contaminated.

“We have to take every precaution,” said Kettle.

Since finding out, Kettle, all the city staff and the fire department have spent the evening going to door to door informing people.

He said while the reservoir may have been tampered with, the good news is that the water source — community wells — have not been harmed.

“I’m suspecting that maybe copper thieves may have done this,” said Kettle. “It could be nothing, but we just can’t take that chance.”

By tomorrow afternoon Kettle should know more of what IHA’s plan is. He will also be making some plans to have water brought in until the taps are given the clear. He wants to have this resolved immediately both for the safety of the community and for the local businesses.

Watch this site or check out Kettle’s Facebook page for updates under Nipper Kettle Mayor of Greenwood.

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