Get out and get active with the Grand Forks ATV club

Patti Bevilacqua
By Patti Bevilacqua
September 6th, 2012

The Grand Forks All Terrain Vehicle Club (GFATV) was formed in 2008 and currently now has over 30 members. Since the inception of the club, the members have provided input including approved ATV safety courses, trail maintenance, and more recently, a GPS course to help members navigate the trails.

This spring the club received $25,000 from New Horizons for Seniors for a project titled Get Up, Get out, Join In and Ride. This project encourages seniors and near-seniors to get involved with the local ATV club and enjoy life in the outdoors. Through this project, the club is providing approved ATV safety courses, organized rides, ATV events, and local trail maps to make it easier for all members to participate.

In May the GFATV club held their first fundraiser – Off the Unbeaten Trail Reverse Draw. The last ticket belonged to Charlie Moody who won the top prize of $1500. In addition to a variety of other cash and donated prizes, the event was a great success combining entertainment with great local food provided by Benson’s Beef, Mrs. B&B Bakery, and North Fork Pork & Poultry.

More recently the GFATV Club presented Jeff Stanowouski, aka Chef Jeff from Clyde’s, with a thank you gift for his fine cooking at the event.

Jeff commented, “Folks are stopping me on the street and complimenting  me on the great taste of the food. It is great to serve quality raised local products at an event and be able to proudly tell others where it comes from.”

The club will be partaking in the Grand Forks Fall Fair and Santa Claus Parades. At the Fall Fair this September, the club is teaming with Canam Mobility to provide information to those who need extra help getting around. Canam Mobility supports the use of ATVs as a mode of transportation, which also supports the intention of the Get Up, Get out, Join  In and Ride program.

This fall, the GFATV Club will also be hosting an ATV play day. At this event everyone young and old can come to learn about safe operation of ATVs and about the rules and etiquette of ATV riding. We encourage anyone interested to come out, even if you don’t own an ATV. The great thing about riding  ATVs, it’s an activity the entire family can enjoy.

So Get Up, Get Out, Join In, Ride Safe and bring some good old
community spirit with you to these future events