Christina Lake fire not arson

Mona Mattei
By Mona Mattei
August 31st, 2012

Police have confirmed that the fire that took a residence at Christina Lake on Monday was not arson.

Staff Sergeant Jim Harrison of the Grand Forks RCMP detachment told the Sentinel today that the fire started at the Piche property at 1833 Haaglund Road in a pile of wood and newspaper located 15 meters from the home. When the fire was started, wind spread it to the closest structure and dry grass. It then engulfed the residence and spread to the cabin and other outbuildings.

“At this point we’re absolutely positive that it wasn’t an arson attempt,” said Harrison. “It’s the difference between a criminal act and a negligent act which this may be. There was no intent to burn down the property.”

Harrison added that they have interviewed witnesses, the property owners, and neighbours as well as having the fire commission investigators comb the scene. As a result they are very confident about their determination.

“We wanted to let the people of Christina Lake know that there isn’t an arsonist running rampant out there burning people’s buildings down and threatening the community,” said Harrison.

The quick response of Christina Lake Fire Department and the Ministry of Forest fire fighting crews contained the fire and averted what likely could have been a serious forest fire that would have threatened the community of Christina Lake.

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