Airport fly and shine a huge success

Boundary Sentinel
By Boundary Sentinel
August 28th, 2012

The fly-in, car and bike show and shine and market on Market Avenue on Sunday in Grand Forks saw a lot of air and foot traffic.

Organized by the pilots who use the local airport, there were planes and pilots from as far away as Alberta who made the trek to spend the day in Grand Forks. Opening in the morning with a pancake breakfast, visitors took in the car and bike show and shine, watched remote control plane demonstrations, and perused the planes.

Meanwhile downtown Market Avenue was transformed into a… market with farmer’s market vendors and downtown business street markets along with entertainment.

Co-ordinator Chantel Lovegrove had this to add:

The 2012 Airport Appreciation Day Fly-In was a great success with an estimated 400-600 people out to visit the airport, approximately 20 planes on display. 26 cars and about 10 motorcycles throughout the day in our Show and Shine helped to bring in a variety of crowds up to the airport.

We have 16 winners for the draw for free rides which will happen throughout the week starting Aug. 28. They are: Richard Haworth; Lewis and Gloria; Darcy Cox; Shane Gillis; Jennifer Subotin; Aleksander Fojt; Steve McBride; Marissa Gorman; Gary Brox; Jamie Rush; Alexis Laktin; Lizza Walker; Cecil Plotnikoff; Mya Copp; Lee Greaves; and Roanin Van Leur.

We also have four winners of $10.00 Gift Certificates from West End Deli in Grand Forks and they are: Jennifer Wetmore; Daniel Lowes; Margot Hawwoth; and Logan Subotin.

The Grand Forks Flying Association would like to thank Extra Foods for being our key sponsor of the 2012 Fly-In, ABH Car Sales and West End Deli for their contributions, Brian McAndrew of Vicom Design Inc. for his creation of our event poster, Councillor Gary Smith for his coordination of the Shuttle Bus and Farmer’s Market downtown, Stacey Conacher for his Remote Control Airplane Demonstrations, and to the Elks, Pinky’s, Pyro Pizza, and JillyBean Ice Cream for ensuring all our guests were well fed throughout the day.

Donations for next years event can be made out to the Grand Forks Flying Association Note: 2013 Fly-In Donation or deposited into the Grand Forks Flying Association account at the Grand Forks Credit Union.

Anyone wanting to volunteer or get involved in the airport can either contact Chantel Lovegrove at 250-444-0050 or at chantellovegrove@gmail.com for more information. The next monthly meeting for the Grand Forks Flying Association will be on Thursday Sept. 6, at the airport for 7:00 p.m. and is open to the public and people wanting to volunteer.

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