Medical marijuana uses and benefits topic of upcoming presentation

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July 23rd, 2012

The third session of the Christina Lake Health and Wellness Public Information Series presents: Medical Marijuana and Human Health on Wednesday, July 25 from 7 – 8:30 p.m. at the Christina Lake Community Hall.

Sponsored by Area C director Grace McGregor, the presentation explores the science behind the multiple therapeutic uses of medical marijuana and its active constituents known as cannabinoids with an explanation of how they interact with the human body’s own endogenous cannabinoid system. 

Additionally, information on legal access to medical marijuana under Health Canada’s Marihuana Medical Access Regulations, and the recent changes proposed by the Canadian federal government will be outlined.

A fascinating look at the historical uses of medical marijuana in ancient cultures, the discovery of THC in marijuana from Dr. Mechoulam’s laboratory in 1964, and recent studies investigating the beneficial effects of marijuana on illnesses like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and conditions that cause chronic pain will be covered in the presentation.

Comparisons between medical marijuana and synthetic pharmaceutical drugs from the scientific literature will also be drawn.

  • Does marijuana contain more potent antioxidants than vitamin C or E?
  • Can THC from marijuana kill cancer cells?
  • What is cannabidiol (CBD) and why does it not result in euphoria when used?

To find the answers to these questions and more, all are invited to attend this informative evening, with questions from the public welcomed and addressed after the initial presentation. Admission is free of charge, although donations to the Grand Forks Food Bank will be accepted at the door.

Medical Marijuana and Human Health will be hosted by Jim Leslie, federally licensed medical marijuana patient and President of the Lifeline Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary.

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