Weekend storms leave Christina Lake and Grand Forks residents without power

Erin Perkins
By Erin Perkins
June 26th, 2012

Gusting winds and driving rains knocked down trees, branches and electricity to homes all over the east Boundary region over the weekend.

The storm hit suddenly and violently on the evening of Friday, June 22 leaving more than 600 Fortis BC customers without power for between four and 24 hours, depending on the severity of the electrical line damage.

In the Boundary, Christina Lake was hardest hit, said Fortis BC spokesperson, Tracy Tang. By Monday morning everyone had their power back on, except those homes that have to have an electrician fix the damage to their property before Fortis can restore their electricity.

“Crews worked all weekend to work on restoring power,” said Tang.

Many roads were impassable for hours as crews worked to remove fallen trees from the lines and clear the way.

In Grand Forks many people experienced power surges as the storm raged while in Christina Lake the power went out at about 9:30 p.m. and didn’t come back until the wee hours of Saturday morning or even later.

If there is anyone who hasn’t had their power restored, please call Fortis BC at 1-866-436-7847.

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