ATV fundraiser educational and fun

By Contributor
June 3rd, 2012

The Grand Forks ATV Club’s First Annual Reverse draw was a huge success! The day was bright and warm – perfect weather for Get Up, Get Out, Join In, Ride Safe Off the Unbeaten Trail.

About 100 folks came to the event held at the GF Wildlife Hall on Saturday, May 12. The local food was excellently prepared and served by local chefs from Clyde’s and The Station Pub.

The buns were made from grains grown and milled locally and added to the tantalizing flavor of local pork and beef.

RCMP officers came out to talk to the group about safety and new regulations with respect to riding, licensing, and using local trails. The local conservation officer was also on hand to provide additional comments.

Over 275 tickets where sold for the event and over $1700 was given out along with six donated prizes from the sponsors. The last ticket drawn for the grand prize of $1500 was awarded to Charlie Moodie from Christina Lake.

The GF ATV Club would like to thank everyone who helped make Get Up,
Get Out, Join In, Ride Safe Off the Unbeaten Trail a tremendous success.

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