BOOKS: Welwood tours to Grand Forks library

By Contributor
May 28th, 2012


Eyes sparkling with excitement, an animated Frances Welwood shares her enthusiasm for a remarkable woman, Annie Garland Foster, who challenged the conventions of her times, to become, among other things, the first woman councilor in Nelson.

On Friday, June 1 at Noon at the Grand Forks & District Public Library you will have the opportunity to listen to Frances talk about her book Passing Through Missing Pages: the Intriguing Story of Annie Ross Foster Haley (Caitlin Press 2011).

Frances Welwood put the skills she honed as Nelson’s Courthouse Librarian, and her passion for local history, to good use when she researched and wrote her book about Annie.  She discovered an adventurous, well-educated woman, whose legacy lives on in the many careers and causes she chose to embrace.

Born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, in 1875, Annie Garland Foster lived out a multitude of lives in her ninety-nine years, working as a teacher, nurse, politician and journalist.  Her years in Nelson, beginning in 1908, helped shape the community.  She also found herself embroiled in murder and intrigue.

Reading the book is the only way to do justice to an amazing life and slice of local history.  Attending the reading will give you further insight to the book and you will meet two fascinating women, Frances Welwood and Annie Garland Foster.

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