Erna Paris to receive WFM – Canada World Peace Award

By Contributor
May 23rd, 2012

Acclaimed Canadian author Erna Paris is the 2012 recipient of the WFM – Canada World Peace Award.

The award, to be presented July 12 in Winnipeg, recognizes an outstanding Canadian whose work advances awareness and action in support of a more peaceful future for humanity.

Paris (www.ernaparis.com) is the author of seven books and the winner of ten national and international prizes. Her writing, including frequent contributions to the opinion pages of major Canadian newspapers, chronicles humanity’s intermittent but genuine progress in establishing the social, political and legal foundations of the ongoing battle against impunity, and for the rule of law. Her most recent book, “The Sun Climbs Slow: The International Criminal Court and the Struggle for Justice” explores the little-known history of global justice and the advent of the world’s first permanent International Criminal Court. The book has recently been published in Iran.

The World Federalist Movement – Canada (www.worldfederalistscanada.org) is a longstanding Canadian NGO dedicated to reforming global institutions and strengthening the rule of law in world affairs. The WFM – Canada National President is Hon. Warren Allmand.

The World Peace Award has been presented annually or every second year since 1972. There have been 31 previous recipients, including most recently, Lloyd Axworthy, Louise Arbour, Philippe Kirsch, Roméo Dallaire, Ernie Regehr, Gerry Barr and Flora MacDonald.

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