Boundary Museum looks forward to another productive year

By Contributor
April 30th, 2012

The Boundary Museum Society recognized the tireless efforts of volunteers and elected a new board at their annual meeting Monday, April 16.

Reports were delivered to the meeting by board members detailing the progress made in the last year. Items of significance included the completion of the shade shelter at Fructova, relocation of community archives to the basement of Grand Forks City Hall and the restoration projects undertaken by the Boundary Woodworkers Guild.

A life time membership was awarded to Rose Gabiel for her many years of support for the museum. Larry Jmaiff of the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ (USCC) praised the museum for its rejuvenation of the Fructova site and announced a further ten year lease.

Board members for the coming season are; Lawrence Radford as president, Bill Palm as vice president, Cliff Schuh as treasurer, Bob De Maertelaere as secretary, Bob McTavish in construction and restoration, Joe Tantagleo as head of the safety committee and Laura Lauder as head of the information committee. Bob Kendall is the liason for the City of Grand Forks.

A big thank you was delivered to the governments and rate payers of area C and D and the City of Grand Forks, the many business supporters and volunteers who donate time, money, artifacts and archives and our one and only tireless co-ordinator Sue Adrain.

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