LETTER: Meat producers gather to talk about their future

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March 29th, 2012

Dear Editor;

There will be a very important meeting for local meat producers to discuss next steps for the industry after the construction of the mobile abattoir.  If you are a meat producer of any meat such as poultry, beef, pigs, goats, rabbits — this meeting is very important for you. If you are thinking about becoming a meat producer; you’re timing is great and your attendance is welcomed.

The meeting will take place on Saturday, Mar. 31, in the meeting room at the Regional District of the Kootenay Boundary office in Grand Forks at 1 p.m.

The official announcement made by Grand Forks and Boundary
Regional Agricultural Society on Mar. 20 in regards to the Mobile
Slaughter Unit (MSU) that Western Economic Diversification Canada is supporting agriculture development in the region by providing $ 240,000 to go with the $200 thousand already secured from Southern Interior Development Trust, the Phoenix Foundation of the Boundary Communities and the Provincial Meat Transition Funds.

This will insure the MSU will be built and ready for use in the fall of 2012. This is great news for the region and now is the time to come together as a group to discuss the future of meat production in the Boundary.

The building of a MSU creates more opportunities for current and future
producers wanting to grow meat products! Along with these opportunities
come challenges we need to address and overcome.

Lastly, there are regulations to be met and standards to develop. As meat producers we need a strong voice to increase our profitability, build necessary infrastructure, create marketing plans, and take control over the feed we use and what is in it.

Come to the meeting and hear where the future of meat production in the
Boundary is moving towards. For more information contact Doug Zorn at

Patti Bevilacqua

Grand Forks

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