Donations welcome to aid victims of last week's fires

Mona Mattei
By Mona Mattei
March 15th, 2012

Out of the tragedy and loss from the blazes that torched the Grand Forks Hotel, the Grand Forks community is rallying to help the victims of last week’s fires.

A trust account has been opened at the CIBC bank for donations to assist the six men were displaced by the fires that took the Grand Forks Hotel, and damaged the Winnipeg Hotel who lost everything in the fires.

“We are doing what we can but we need help from our wonderful, compassionate community,” explained Thelma Robb, one of the key people at the Whispers of Hope. “One man was working and he lost the most. He is a mechanic and he had racing bikes in his room – he lost a lot of stuff.

Whispers of Hope has set aside room in their storage container to collect donations of non-perishable foods, clothing, towels, bedding, dishes – anything that will help these men rebuild their lives.

The men are currently staying at Johnny’s Motel, but will soon be faced with finding new lodgings, a task that is not easy on limited incomes. Most of the men are living on disability pensions or income assistance. Initial support for food and lodging was provided by the Victim Services.

“It appears that the insurance will not cover their loss,” Robb added. “There’s zero vacancy. Unfortunately there are no low income rentals. Their income allowance is $375 a month. If they spend all their income on rent then they have nothing to eat.

“It’s very sad. The person who did this didn’t take into consideration all the lives that he would be impacting.”

Donations of materials can be brought to the Whispers of Hope, and donations of money can be made to the CIBC trust account to help these victims.

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