Canadians call for enquiry on alleged robocall election fraud

By Contributor
February 27th, 2012

Over 20,000 Canadians have joined with online campaigning organization Leadnow.ca to call for a full and independent public inquiry into an alleged systematic voter deception phone campaign that targeted likely non-Conservative voters in key ridings during the May 2011 election.

Since the campaign launched on Friday, 20,000 Canadians used the Leadnow.ca website and social media tools to send letters to political leaders calling for a non-partisan public inquiry and ensure serious consequences, including possible by-elections in affected ridings.

Public concern has exploded in the days since it was reported that RCMP and Elections Canada are investigating reports of pre-recorded and live-operator phone calls that gave false and misleading information to voters in as many as 34 ridings, many where Conservative candidates went on to win by extremely narrow margins.

“We keep hearing two things from Canadians across the country: we need a public inquiry to shine a bright light on these shadowy tactics, and we need serious consequences that can restore confidence in the integrity of our elections,” said Jamie Biggar, Executive Director of Leadnow.ca. “We have to do more than punish a few individuals. Systematic election fraud should lead to new elections, or else there is a strong incentive to organize criminal acts that cheat Canadians of their democratic rights.”

While more people continue to join the campaign, the Leadnow.ca community is considering different strategies to support voters in impacted ridings.

The robocall election fraud campaign is Leadnow.ca’s fastest growing social media campaign to date. “The campaign’s supporters know that there will be a strong push from the current government to delay, distract and downplay the severity of this democratic crisis,” said Biggar. “Canadians will only be satisfied by swift, systematic and impartial action.”

For more background information and the online action go to: http://www.leadnow.ca/robocall-fraud

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