LETTER: Exploration permits might just be a way around environmental review

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February 4th, 2012

Open letter to the Ministry of Natural Resources, Forestry and Lands,

Mr. Pryce and Mr. Hendrickson,

I sent an email yesterday opposing the proposed granite mine exploration.  I mentioned the existing popular trail (four seasons) that will be ruined, and the proximity to the Granby river.

After more review of the application, my husband and I have three big concerns:

1. The “Lynch Pit” ‘sample’ site is at the junction of two water courses that flow into the Granby.  In section 11.1 of the application, North America Stone, Inc. stated that there would be no work in or around water. 

In fact the quarry site is within three meters of a stream which flows from mid-February until late June most years. It’s hard to understand how the applicants missed the fact that this is a riparian area since the mountain bike/hiking trail that the sample site will obliterate has two foot-bridges to avoid going through the streams.

2.  We are also wondering why this application is for ‘exploration’, when they state 10,000 ton of rock to be taken, and “the exploration trail will be reclaimed and reseeded/planted with trees and natural grasses”. 

They are coming in taking what they want, then closing up shop.  This sounds to us like more than a sample, and by applying for an exploration permit, they are getting around the requirement for the environmental review process.

3. Could you also please let us know what asemite gel is composed of?

We are planning a hike up to the application area to show the area of the application to local news reporters and concerned residents, and we are hoping you are able to come also.  Please let us know (by email or phone) if you’re interested.


Dana Riester and Larry Butler
Grand Forks

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