Youth employment program ready for intakes

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January 3rd, 2012

The Boundary Youth Success Program is seeking 10 new participants to develop employment skills in a 14 week course starting Jan. 23.   For youth ages 15-30 facing difficulties getting work, the session offers an array of life skills, training, certification and employability skills helping youth to enter the workforce, return to work or return to schooling. Funded by Service Canada, the program is designed to assist young people in becoming more successful.   Program co-ordinator Holly Hume manages the program from Community Futures Boundary in Grand Forks. Hume works with qualified facilitators to teach the youth in various topic areas. Katy Spark, Cindy Alblas, and James Wilson each spend time with the group to develop their skill sets and prepare them for the workforce.    Coursework focuses on communication, presentation, personal management and creative development. In house counseling by Darrin Pratt lends support to the youth to manage personal issues as they move through the program.   The personal successes achieved by participants in previous years demonstrate the value of Boundary Youth Success Program.  Community Futures Boundary continues to see an increase in the number of applicants each year, largely due to public awareness.   Some past participants were able to get employment out of the area from the certification they received through the program. Some of the certificates obtained include workplace hazardous materials, fire suppression, food safe, world host, first aid with cardiopulmonary resuscitation, H2S alive, and serving it right.   The Boundary Youth Success Program will run from Jan. 23 to April 27, and the deadline for applications is Jan. 11.  

For further information on programs and services contact Community Futures Boundary at (250) 442-2722 or visit our website at www.boundarycf.com

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