New employment options will launch in 2012

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December 15th, 2011

A new provincial employment program will launch in April of 2012 and Community Futures Boundary will head the services across the region. 

In February 2010, the Ministry of Social Development tendered the contract to deliver the new Employment Program of British Columbia. This new program  will replace ten existing provincial and federally transferred employment programs with an integrated model.   “All service providers will deliver the full suite of employment services to citizens and will determine the best way to meet the needs of specialized populations and those living in smaller communities,” said Minister of Social Development Stephanie Cadieux. “The supports and services will be under one roof, so unemployed British Columbians can get back to work quickly.”   The program will be delivered through WorkBC Employment Services Centres in communities across the province and will be available to all British Columbians seeking employment who are eligible to work in British Columbia.    In the Boundary, the WorkBC Employment Services Centre will continue to be located at 1647 Central Avenue, Grand Forks. Clients residing in the West Boundary Region will access the offices at 245 South Copper Street, Greenwood.   Community Futures Boundary continues to work closely with Sunshine Valley Community Services, Rory Lindsay and Associates and Okanagan Training Development Council to deliver services to the Boundary Region.    For detailed information on the New Employment Program of B.C. visit www.labourmarketservices@gov.bc.ca.


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