Dix ratified as NDP provincial leader

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December 11th, 2011

VANCOUVER – Leader Adrian Dix told the BC NDP’s 50th Anniversary Convention that inequality is the defining issue of our time and outlined the NDP’s priorities for when it forms government in 2013.

“Growing inequality has been the defining feature of a decade of Liberal rule,” said Dix. “We’ve had years of slow growth that is not producing jobs quickly enough, and the benefits of that growth are being distributed unevenly.

“We have to address inequality by getting the fundamentals of our society and economy right, like education and training and ensuring B.C. resources create jobs here in B.C.

“I’m going to be clear. I’m going to be bold. But I’m going to be modest in my agenda, recognizing that we can not accomplish everything in the first term of government” said Dix.

“I’m going to say what I’m going to do and say how I’m going to pay for it. This is how the New Democrats will get a mandate to bring real change to British Columbia.”

Dix decried cynicism in politics, such as the Liberals’ handling of the HST, the federal crime bill and the Canada Europe Trade Agreement (CETA) currently being negotiated.

“Under CETA, drug companies will receive even more patent protection to pad their profits,” said Dix, giving an example.

“It is wrong to reward drug companies with approximately $250 million a year of health care dollars that could be used to fund urgently needed improvements to our system.

“I believe we have to move toward more open, transparent approach that will encourage people to re-engage in our democracy,” said Dix.

The B.C. New Democrat leader received numerous standing ovations during his speech. At the conclusion he was joined on stage by the B.C. NDP caucus, whom he credited with the success of the recent legislative session.

Dix also introduced every nominated B.C NDP candidate for non-incumbent ridings

After the speech, in a scheduled vote, 98.1 per cent of delegates endorsed his leadership.

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