SUMMING IT UP: Grand Forks City Council

Boundary Sentinel
By Boundary Sentinel
November 28th, 2011

A short council meeting tied up a few loose ends for Grand Forks city council at their last meeting Monday, Nov. 21 before the inauguration of the new council and mayor scheduled for Dec. 5.  An otherwise empty primary meeting agenda had Councillor Chris Moslin reveal that the railings installed on Highway 3 at the Trans Canada Trail crossing were the result of in-camera meetings between council and the Ministry of Transportation staff in Grand Forks.  Council returned to their regular meeting where all councillors provided their reports on work completed on behalf of council during the past two weeks.   In a report to council, the chief administrative officer, Lynne Burch, outlined information received for comment from the Ministry of Lands, Forests and Natural Resources on exploration to be performed on two mining properties, Winner and Greenwood Gold, both located in regional area D.   Council discussed two bylaws: a correction to an existing bylaw regarding zoning that will remove reference to approvals by the Ministry of Transportation and infrastructure that are no longer a requirement; and the bylaw creating a design advisory panel for city planning.   The discussions at the meeting closed with a question from the public about the defeated referendum on the development of a fitness area at the aquatic centre.  Click here for video coverage of the meeting. The coverage is broken into chapters for the different parts of the meeting and good for viewing topics of interest.

Video coverage has been provided by Les Johnson at What’s Up in Grand Forks? 

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