Business recognized during small business week

Mona Mattei
By Mona Mattei
October 20th, 2011

Your Dollar Store and More, run by Chris-Anne and Lawrence Gilmore, was named Business of the Year at last week’s business awards.  With a surprising turnout of over 150 people, Community Futures Boundary (CFB) hosted their annual business awards ceremony last week recognizing people’s choice businesses along with businesses that have succeeded with the help of CFB.  Eleven awards were presented throughout the evening after attendees enjoyed networking with hors d’oeuvres and beverages. Three are nominated by the public, the Community Entrepreneur – Jazzercise Edie Raspberry-Faulkner; Innovative Community Organization – Habitat for Humanity;  and the Green Business award sponsored by the Boundary Sentinel – Western Aviation Ron Wyers.  New this year was a Community Impact Award that was scooped by Kettle River Canoes owned by Mike Elliot for his outreach to millions of people through the internet. CFB staff member Dennis Thome was also recognized for his volunteerism throughout the region, along with board chair Dave Marshall who remains active on the board after being an original founder of CFB.  Award winners:  Community Entrepreneur  Jazzercise            Edie Raspberry-Faulkner Innovative Community Organization Habitat for Humanity Green Business   Western Aviation             Ron Wyers Boundary Wage Incentive Transorb Electric Products  Robert Milner and Peter Cozza Essential Edge Award     Boundary Electric             Youth in Business   Sunbean Café    Alyssa Milne Continuing Success Award  Boundary Taxi   William Schnieder Business of the Year   Your Dollar Store and More Chris-Anne and Lawrence Gilmore Volunteer of the Year    Dave Marshall Community Impact Award  Kettle River Canoes        Mike Elliot

Community Volunteer Award    Dennis Thome 

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