Sumner Brothers play under the stars for two shows

Boundary Sentinel
By Boundary Sentinel
August 4th, 2011

Vancouver musicians the Sumner Brothers take the open air stage with the return of the Starlight Saloon next week.   For three years running the Starlight Saloon has delivered entertaining shows for Grand Forks audiences in the most beautiful setting in the Boundary, and this year promises to be one of the best yet! The fourth Annual Starlight Saloon will feature the music of the Sumner Brothers and, of course, dancing by Grand Fork’s own Les Folles Jambettes Cancan dance troupe.   The Sumner Brothers, Brian and Bob, share a special bond that requires no flattery-a family pact that keeps their music honest and authentic. Their new release I Love You, Smile holds true to what their fans around the world love: the raw grit of steel string guitar and banjo, the lonesome hum of the harmonica, Bob’s haunting tenor croon, and Brian’s devastatingly low baritone. This collision of sound forms the beautifully twisted roots of the Sumner Brothers.   It is their commitment to authenticity that first drew the brothers to country, folk, roots and blues music. Finding inspiration in the style of Johnny Cash, Townes Van Zandt, and Neil Young, Bob and Brian began writing songs. They transformed their garage into a recording studio and created In The Garage, the DIY record that would change their lives.   Since the explosion of this record, when it was accidentally released in 2006, they have collected a large international fan base, and have since released: The Sumner Brothers (2008), In The Garage 2 (2010), and I Love You, Smile in May of this year. These albums have built a heavy repertoire of accolades from many of folk/country’s heavy hitting critics, one even winning Best Alt-Country Song at the 9th Annual Independent Music Awards.   The Sumner Brothers have opened for such acts as Sean Hayes (San Francisco), Hillstomp (Portland), The Deep Dark Woods (Saskatoon), and have shared the stage with Vancouver heavies C.R. Avery and Rich Hope. They tour regularly in Canada, the United States and will be heading to the U.K. for the first time this summer.   Local dancers, Les Folles Jambettes (translates as Crazy Legs) is a high kicking spirited group of dancers highlighting the Cancan style of the 1800’s. Recently returned from gigs in Germany, 108-Mile House, and Kamloops, the dancers are at a performance peak. Along with their cowgirl poet, Gypsy Jill, who performs all original poetry and song, the troupe keeps the crowd’s energy high throughout the evening with their unique act.   Started in 1997, Les Folles Jambettes dancers bring history alive with the style of shows that was common in the Boundary region, elsewhere in B.C. and the western United States, throughout the boomtown mining days. They can be seen flying across the stage doing leg circles, the pigeon wing, and dropping to the splits!   The Starlight Saloon will take place on Friday, Aug, 12 and Saturday, Aug. 13 at the Spencer Hill Orchard and Gallery (5315 Spencer Road, Grand Forks) as part of the Kettle River Arts Festival. Tickets are $10 and will be sold at Thistle Pot Gifts in Grand Forks and Huckleberry Mountain Market in Christina Lake.   Get your tickets soon though because there is limited seating and they go fast! There will be a cash bar so no minors.   Come and enjoy an amazing night of entertainment under the stars! Links: www.thesumnerbrothers.com