Annual Boltz run for cancer shared Kettle River day with fun for the entire family in Midway

Andy George
By Andy George
July 20th, 2011

‘A great day for a run,’ was the resounding sentiment from participants of the second Annual John Boltz Memorial Run. The weather not only cooperated, but provided optimal conditions: heat not being excessive and mixed clouds giving shady breaks to Midway’s morning sun.   Organizer of the event, Stephanie Boltz, said the run was a great success, with final participatory numbers at 130 overall. Opting for either the 5k or 10k, young and old came out, each with loved ones affected by cancer in mind. Most wrote names of the beloved on their race shirts.   This heart warming event was capped off with two finish line moments to remember: Stephanie Boltz almost being caught at the finish by her younger sister Noella Miller, and John Greaves Jr. who ran a total of 21 kilometres!   Meanwhile, the children were busy decorating bikes for upcoming obstacle course runs as Kettle River Day kicked off their activities including the bike rodeo, fun races including a lawnmower race, and a dip in the Kettle. 

Successfully steering through all obstacles won the kids a free ice cream cone at The Spot in Midway. Then there were the numerous ribbons awarded for best bike design, and to the winners of the respective races (running, snowshoeing, with a hockey stick, kicking a soccer ball, putting on clothes.) One of the last events was the penny games followed by all the other neat activities planned for the fun community. 

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