E-course provides ways to deal with workplace stress

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July 14th, 2011

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) has developed a new e-course to provide workers, supervisors and managers with tools needed to prevent, eliminate and reduce workplace stress.

“Work stress has a high cost for individuals, organizations, and for society. It can harm workers’ psychological and physical health, as well as the organizations’ effectiveness and success,” says Dr. P.K. Abeytunga, CCOHS vice president and director general. “It is not only important to identify stress problems and deal with them, but also to promote healthy work and improve the quality of working life.”

Stress in the Workplace provides an introduction to the issue of stress in the workplace, including what workplace stress is, its causes and negative impacts. This e-course will provide participants with the knowledge of how to identify signs of workplace stress, as well as measures to prevent, eliminate or reduce stress in the workplace.

Topics will include:

  • Causes of workplace stress;
  • Organizational factors vs. individual/personal factors;
  • Impact on workers and organizations;
  • Workplace stress as a health and safety hazard;
  • Recognizing the signs of workplace stress;
  • What employers can do;
  • Managing stress;
  • Tips to help prevent, eliminate and reduce workplace stress.

All e-courses by CCOHS are available in English and French. They are developed by experts in the field and representatives from labour, business and government have ensured the content and approach are unbiased, credible and technically accurate. Those who score at least 80% on the final exam earn a certificate of completion. Case studies, quizzes, and an “ask a question” option are also featured.

For more information on Stress in the Workplace, in any of its language formats, please visit the CCOHS website.

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