Hike Observation Mountain as part of your Canada Day

Boundary Sentinel
By Boundary Sentinel
June 23rd, 2011

Last year, 26 people and four dogs climbed Observation Mountain as a celebration of Canada Day. It was a happy group of youth, novices and walkers – all were proud of their achievement.

This year the third annual climb is planned with three routes: Easy from Copper Ridge – 1.6km and 182m/597ft; Medium from Barbara Ann Park – 3km and 261m/856ft; Harder from Wildlife Hall – 1km and 175m/574ft.

“You should join the walk is because: a. it’s an annual event; b. it will do you good; c. many people have never been to the top of Observation Mountain so here’s your chance; d. it is better to get off the couch and do something challenging; e. because the mountain is there; f. it is an enjoyable couple of hours (honestly); g. you might meet your new spouse/partner/lover/friend; ditto for “old/previous”; h. it could work-off a hangover!” jokes organizer Nigel James.

Start time is 9:30 a.m., “O Canada” at the star at 11 a.m., return to Gyro Park by 12 noon and join-in with the city celebrations. What an excellent way to kick-off our nation’s birthday! Put it in your diary; better yet come on out and join them! 

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