LETTER: HST hits when you least expect it

By Contributor
May 29th, 2011

Dear Editor;

Last spring I decided to run a 10 kilometer run. I was very surprised when I realized that I had to pay harmonized sales tax (HST).

The Liberal government was promoting people in B.C. to get out and get healthy and yet there was the HST on entering a run. Now with the referendum just around the corner they are promising to cut the HST.

I see this as trying to buy votes in the referendum. The first part of the tax cut will not take place until 2012 and the second 2014. How is this going to help middle to low income families and small business today?

Just the question alone on the referendum will be confusing for some people. Vote yes if you don’t want it! It is time that the people of B.C. sends a message to the government that yes the HST is not good for families.

Vote in the up coming referendum.

Rhonda Bruce

NDP Boundary – Similkameen provincial nominee

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